Da Iknowthatmagazine møtte Pixiwoo

Hvis du aldri har hørt om Pixiwoo, er det følgende intervjuet kanskje ikke så interessant. Eller kanskje er det nettopp det, fordi dette er jenter man har lyst til å kjenne til.

Samantha Chapman og Nicola Chapman Haste, har laget makeup-historie, gang på gang.

De var ikke de aller første med sminkerelatert youtube-kanal, men de var de første som faktisk kunne å sminke fordi de er makeup-artister.

Så i en stund hvor youtube generelt fortsatt drev på med å finne seg selv, og alskens kanaler dukket opp med velmente, men samtidig floppende tips, klarte Pixiwoo-kanalen å få til det mange fortsatt ikke helt forstod.

Nemlig å samle publikum fra hele verden til ukentlige videoer – akkurat som et tv-program.

Men i tillegg kunne man se akkurat det tv-programmet om igjen og om igjen, spole frem og tilbake, noe faktiske tv’er fortsatt ikke kunne tilby de aller fleste av oss på den tiden.

Det var 2009, jeg bodde i London og hadde akkurat oppdaget youtube – selv om jeg ikke helt forstod det.

Og der sitter en noe utilpass, men dyktig Samantha i et dunkelt stuelys og legger en Kim Kardashian-sminke, som jeg heller ikke hadde hørt så mye om.

Men hun var så ekte, så tilnærmelig – ja, som du og meg, at det raskt ble timesvis med youtube-titting på sengekanten den høsten.

Så da jeg fikk sjansen til å møte jentene da de var i Oslo for å promotere sminkekostene sine fra Real Techniques, sa jeg YES på innpust og startet planleggingen av hvordan jeg skulle få spurt om mest mulig på 15 minutter.

Intervjuet varte i 30 minutter, vi hadde det rett og slett for hyggelig – og for å toppe det hele måtte jeg bruke de første 5 minuttene, før intervjuet fikk begynt, på å fortelle jentene hvilken sminke jeg hadde på meg. De elsket den nemlig. #denfølelsenerikkeklisjenoktilåforklaredenfølelsen.


Så her kommer så og si hele samtalen, på engelsk så klart – jeg får meg aldri til å oversette engelsk til norsk. It doesn’t sound the same!

IKTM: So this is your first time in Norway, how are you liking it?

NIC: We really do love it – it’s so beautiful and clean!

SAM: The people are so nice, and everyone speaks such amazing English – which makes it SO much easier since our Norwegian isn’t very good….

NIC: Sorry, but what is that on your cheeks again? It’s just so glowing!

IKTM: Thank you! It’s actually just the lightest eyeshadow from the Cinderella eyeshadow quad by Mac, and a little bit of Strobe Cream that I haven’t used in ages!

SAM: Amazing!

IKTM: Thank you, thank you, thank you – now back to YOU guys! You’ve been doing this forever now, but what are some of the things you’ve learned and improved on by doing makeup on your self – instead of others, throughout the years.

NIC: Loads! We’ve improved and changed so many things over the years.

SAM: Brows. Definitely eye brows. There are just so many ways of doing brows, that you never really test other wise. Also, I think for me I’ve just gotten to know and understand the shape of my face better. Before youtube I didn’t spend loads of time, looking at my self in the mirror – I would just chuck the makeup on. Now I just have a lot better understanding of how my skin and face looks.

NIC: Also, because a lot of the makeup videos we get requested are for celebrity makeup looks, we get to try out looks we would NEVER try for our selves. And so many times we go «ha, I quite like that!». And that way the possibilities for our own, personal makeup looks have expanded as well.

SAM: I still have two-three staple look that I always go to. Obviously it’s fun changing things up, but some youtube-looks, ultimately will be too strong and too much to use everyday and in daylight.

NIC: I also have a couple of looks that I know suits me, and therefor those are the ones I wear the most. And they can often be quite simple. But even though we show a ray of different types of looks on our channel, and we hope people get inspired by them, we really also hope it helps people finding their staple looks. Something that can feel comfortable in and confident wearing.

SAM: At the same time, I do still change up my makeup-bag and every three months I probably make a 360 as to which products I use. Even though the look is more or less the same. I’ll change foundation, or eyebrow product.

NIC: Yeah, changing up your products, if for nothing other than to suit the season, and not be stale, is really important. Like now my skin is really dry, so I am sticking to my EE Cream by Estee Lauder, as no regular foundation will do.

IKTM: You also teach makeup in your studios, and I am sure that when having so many students pass by there must be some «mistakes» most people make, unknowingly?

SAM: Yes, absolutely. I would say that number one would be Bronzer – and using it as a contour, number two would be concealer in the wrong color and wrong placement.

NIC: I think many, in general, are just too heavy handed. Brows, blending, eyeshadow – being too rough. Also choosing the wrong foundation color and texture.

SAM: Also it’s the understanding, or misunderstanding as to what looks good in a picture, might not work in real life. Take Instagram-eyebrows for example. It looks beautiful in the pictures, but bonkers if you wear them in real life. There’s a reason why celebrities don’t wear those on the red carpet. In general, a look towards makeup done on red carpets is good, because it’s done by the most talented makeup-artists in the world. Granted, also on the most beautiful and easy faces in the world, but it’s still makeup that is meant to look good in real light. You rarely see a statement look on the red carpet, and there’s a reason for that. A statement makeup look on the red carpet, is always a sort of «Make or break»-moment.

NIC: Theres nothing groundbreaking going on, because the classic looks generally works better on the red carpet.

SAM: Exactly. Take J-lo, as an example. The times when she does the statement looks, is when she usually gets critiqued, right. But when she goes classic, she always looks beautiful and receives tons of praise. You can’t beat J-lo when she’s got her beautiful glow going on, with a natural look. A lot of times people are using makeup to hide, instead of using it to enhance on their own features.

IKTM: What would you say to women who feel addicted to makeup – wether it be tons or just mascara, and could never go a single day without makeup?

NIC: When we started youtube I would never gone around to the corner shop without makeup.

SAM: Really?

NIC: Yeah – no, couldn’t do it. But when we started the videos, we would always start of with a bare face – and you didn’t think that thousands and millions of people were looking at you like that, because in a way you felt alone in front of the camera.

SAM: I still feel that way, that we are alone I mean.

NIC: Now it feels like everyone is our friend, no matter how corny that seems, they do. And people are so good at given compliments about us not wearing makeup – which actually helps. Because I do think it’s about confident. So, if putting mascara on makes you feel confident – there’s no reason for why you shouldn’t do it. Maybe you could try using less and less, if you wanted to ease off. But, in general I don’t see a problem in it.

IKTM:  But should everyone try to go a day without makeup?

SAM: I don’t think it matters if you do or you don’t, to be honest. If you feel like wearing blue eyeshadow from lashes to eyebrows during the day, and you feel confident in it, then go for it. It doesn’t matter that it looks «terrible» – as long as you think it looks good. Of course I might have an opinion, on wether it looks good or not, by my opinion doesn’t matter – it just matters how YOU feel…

NIC:…I never listen to her opinion. (laugh)…and she gives it to me ALL the time….

IKTM: Exactly – and after watching you guys for years and years, I’ve noticed that you Nic are very clean and correct in your techniques, while you Sam love more of the messy looks and the Avantgarde.

NIC: I know, but my video for Friday is Grunge…

SAM: Is it…?

NIC: Yeah, I was gonna do Rita Ora – but then you had just done Rihanna, which is quite similar, and someone said in the comment section that I had never done a grunge, so I thought it was about time.

SAM: Really? I’m actually going to watch that! I don’t know you can do something undone…She always has to make it so neat.

NIC: I don’t even know myself if I can – that’s why I’m really looking forward to doing it.

SAM: No, yeah – that will be brilliant!

IKTM: I think that will be the title of this article «CAN SHE DO IT?»

BOTH: (Laughs) Exactly!

NIC: I’m especially worried about the brows, making the disheveled. That’s going to be so hard!

SAM: We never watch each others videos, but this one I will actually watch!

IKTM: You don’t? Why?

NIC: We did in the beginning, but then it got too much and we wanted to make sure we weren’t copying each other so that the audience could get two very separate types of videos each week.

IKTM: How is it possible that your brushes are so good – and so affordable?

NIC: I think, one, people price their brushes up and we wanted to make sure they were synthetic beacuse when we were talking about making them, there were no good synthetic burshes – and we were like; there has to be some good synthetic brushes out there. But they were all so scratchy and stiff. And then Real Techniques came up with their formula, and the key things for us were they have to be amazing, but also affordable to buy so that both makeup-artist and our viewers could buy them.

SAM: I mean, obviously, synthetic is a much cheaper material than real hair, and cruelty free. So that’s probably the biggest reason.

IKTM: Your brushes were really the first, good synthetic brushes.

NIC: Many new brands have come since, but yeah, i guess we were kinda the first in that segment.

IKTM: They were – and do you see how Real Techniques created a shift in how professionals and amateurs are using brushes. We’re changing the brushes more up, using typical powder brushes for foundation and blending in a different way.

SAM: It’s amazing, and especially with foundation brushes. They used to be all kinda flat and tricky to work with. And when we brought out the Expert Face Brush, people just went crazy.

NIC: I think what it is as well, is that Sam and I worked at Mac for years, and we would have our brush belts on while helping costumers. But sometimes you would grab the wrong brush, and then notice that the brush worked brilliantly. So I think we combined our previous experiences, with our desires for the new brushes. Like – oh, you remember that brush you picked up that wasn’t for foundation, but worked brilliantly. Let’s make one like that, but better equipped for foundation.

SAM: I think when you work in such a creative environment, which Mac especially in the early days was, you learn so much from watching each other. Bouncing ideas off one another. And hardly any of us used those brushes in the way they were meant to be used. So, that just makes us want to create brushes that are totally multi-purpose. Not just because it makes our job easier, to carry less brushes around. But also for the young girls who can’t afford to by a different brush for every purpose.

NIC: We’ve worked in makeup for so long, and we always listen to our viewers, consumers and makeup-artist friend as to what they want and need. Which makes us constantly work on new things, and changing products to be the best it can possible be.

SAM: Have you seen and tried the new brushes?

IKTM: I actually haven’t – just the photos.

SAM: (Hands me the Bold Metals Collection) They should be coming this summer over here.

IKTM: What are the differences?

SAM: There are several differences. They are heavier, and the hair is individually bound by hand, and glued into the shaft. The way the hair is cut is tapered to mimic the way real hair is. Whereas synthetic previously would stick up before, these are tapered and therefor allows for a perfect pick-up of all makeup products.

NIC: And they just look so nice!

IKTM: And are they staying, or just as a one-shot?

SAM: Yes, they are staying – providing they do well (laugh) they are staying. There are seven brushes in the line, and they are pricier than the other line. Still cheaper than most real hair brushes, though.

IKTM: What are some of your favorite beauty hacks, that you didn’t think would work?

SAM: Oh…..hmm….I’ve got one for shoes? The Michelle Phawn one…

IKTM: The ice in the shoes?

SAM: Yes! Isn’t that the most brilliant thing?

NIC: What???

SAM: Right, so if your shoes are to small, right. You take a zipper bag, place it in the shoe, fill it up with water, and stick it in the freezer. When the water freezes, it expands, and your shoe becomes bigger. That’s the best one, and it actually works – I’ve tried it!

NIC: And how was your shoe? Not a suede one, I hope!

SAM: I did do it with a suede shoe, it was fine…

NIC: You idiot (laugh)….Only you would do it on a suede shoe! But yeah, that’s clever!

NIC: I just got an idea! How cool would it be to tape my whole face up, like people do for the eyeshadows and liner, but for my whole face. And do contouring? People would love that!

IKTM: You could do it like the contouring in Kevyn Aucoin’s book!

NIC: Yes! Like, where would I place the tape if I wanted my jaw to be sharper…and then just place the tape, and put makeup on and see what happens…?

IKTM: Sam is reeeally loving this…

NIC: (Laugh) Yes, she’s like – god, here we go…

SAM: You do that one, then… (laugh).

IKTM: Lastly, I know this sucks, but what are your favorite products now – or through time?

SAM: Ok, right, – let’s go with….

NIC: Right now it’s Estée Lauder EE Cream

SAM: Right now, today…

NIC: Lancome Hypnose Mascara

SAM: YSL, Volume Effet mascara, I think it’s great…

NIC: We always have a war with mascaras, we never like the same ones. (laughs) I’m always like, do you want to try my mascara? And she’s like, no. (laughs)

SAM: I also love the Extended Play mascara from Mac, all though, I feel bad for saying this, only as a bottom lash mascara.

IKTM: I know! I completely agree! It doesn’t work at all for the top lashes – but for the bottom ones it’s great!

SAM: Exactly!

NIC: And it doesn’t smudge.

IKTM: And what product have you ALWAYS had?

SAM: I’ve always had Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre – I’ve had it for the last 15 years.

NIC: My Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil has always been with me, I can’t…it’s what I use when I don’t want any other makeup, and I also some times use it on my lips. I also at the moment use two different concealers. Clarins Instant Concealer, and Nars Radiant Concealer.

SAM: I like the Clarins one, I don’t like the Nars one.

NIC: I like how they work together…

IKTM: Do you still think it’s fun to try new products?

SAM: Sometimes, I feel more cynical then before – and I think «Oh, isn’t that the same as such-and-such», so yes – when it’s new and original, but frequently it is’t. But that’s just part of knowing what you do.

NIC: Yeah, especially when it’s from the same company, that houses different brands, and you spot that the product has just been repackaged. And they all bring out the same thing.

SAM: But god, I love doing what I do, so..

NIC: Me to, all though I do have moments when I don’t love it. Usually we love it at different times, but now we love it at the same time because we are no longer trying to be the best at youtube, or trying to fit everything in. We’re just focusing on the parts that we naturally love, and remembering to have fun with it. And really enjoying it again.

SAM: Earlydoor youtube can kick you down with tons of awful comments and such, but once you get through all of that, and start not to care about the bad, and focus on the good. You toughen up and become impenetrable to the hate.

NIC: We’re in a really good place personally, and Pixiwoo is just that – personal.

SAM: And we’re feeling more creative than ever.



Er det noe du burde vite om Tove Eggen, så er det hvor lidenskapelig hun er. Lidenskap er visstnok nøkkelen til livet, jobb, familie, kjærlighet, venner og alt der i mellom. Hun ELSKER jobben sin som makeup-artist, stylist og livsstilsjournalist, og etter 10 år i bransjen (Oslo/London/Barcelona) er hun fortsatt lidenskapelig opptatt av å finne nye måter å formidle mote og sminke. Som tidligere skjønnhetsredaktør i magasinet Woman, makeup-lærer ved 2 makeup-skoler i Oslo og ukentlige mote og skjønnhetsartikler på Klikk Mote og i Det Nye, er Tove opptatt av at leserne skal lære, le og leve godt. Og aldri få dårlig samvittighet!


  1. ~Lin

    mai 28, 2015 at 21:29

    HELDIGGRIS!!!!!! sku gjerne møtt jentene -de er bare superduper!!!! vært fan LENGE og hatt kostene som eg kjøpte i UK lenge lenge før de kom hit -me luws!! <3

    • Tove Eggen

      mai 29, 2015 at 06:23

      Jeg vet! Jeg tenkte på deg da jeg møtte dem kostene er fantastiske, og jentene hakket bedre om mulig! Virkelig herlige!

      • ~Lin

        mai 29, 2015 at 15:32

        awww fine du 😉

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